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Permanon Diamond
  • Brilliant shine without buffing or polishing
  • UV protection
  • Up to a 50% reduction in time spent on cleaning and polishing
  • Resists most acids, solvents and alkalis
  • Electrostatic bond repels airborne dust
  • No chemical reaction, to avoid damages on surfaces
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable
  • Effective on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Temperature safe on surfaces up to 572 F/300 C

Permanon Diamond is specially formulated with a higher concentration of Si14 particles to ensure maximum protection for your high value surfaces.

Permanon Diamond is safe for all solid surfaces including glass, paint, chrome, rubber, plastics, and metal or metal alloys. When you apply Permanon to a surface, billions of tiny nano-particles instantly electrostatically bond to the surface just like tiny magnets. They fill in microscopic pores and capillaries that dirt and other contaminants normally bond to. A Permanon treated surface is easier to clean and on well maintained surfaces, will bring out the maximum shine possible.

Permanon Diamond is water based, easy to apply and outlasts waxes and silicone oil based products.

Traditional waxing or cleaning is a labor intensive process that needs to be repeated frequently to maintain its appearance and protection. Permanon Diamond is easy to apply, requires no rubbing or buffing and lasts months under normal conditions. Permanon will not build up or leave unsightly residues behind and is maintained as easily as washing with Permanon Diamond 2in1. Simply add a capful to a bucket of clean water and while you wash you will be repairing any damaged coating.

Permanon Diamond is, for example, tough enough to resist brake dust, which burns at 300 degrees C.  That dust is hot enough to burn through polymer and wax coatings, leaving your rims pitted and yellowed.

Permanon is easy to use, resists solvents and other damaging compounds, and is a biodegradable water based product. Safe to use and superior protection for any of your valuable surfaces.