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Mobile Marine Canvas is proud to be a licensed distributor of the exciting new nanotechnology Permanon line of products. Permanon is a safe and simple-to-apply surface protection that produces a brilliant shine on all solid surfaces. When applied, nano-engineered particles of Permanon Silicium Si14 electrostatically bond and fill microscopic pores and pits; making it hard for dirt to bond or embed. Rather than spending your time waxing your boapermanon boatt or yacht, you can spend more of your time enjoying it.

The mineral Silicium is extremely resistant to all aggressive contaminants from pH1 to pH12.5, which includes most acids, alkalis and solvents. It also stands up to the harsh marine environment of salts, UV, dissolved minerals and organic growth. Because Permanon Silicium is water-based and electro-statically attaches to surfaces rather than chemically bonding, it can be easily and rapidly sprayed onto all types of surfaces: i.e. paint, glass, steel, plastic, alloys etc without risk of damage or affecting repainting. Bird droppings, tree resins and other aggressive contaminants will easily rinse off a Permanon protected surface.